Thursday, February 20, 2020

Neuroscience Research at our Department

In our research, we generate model systems to understand neurobiological processes of brain development and function.  Once the pathomechanisms of brain diseases are identified, we aim to develop targeted interventions, i.e., using Nanotechnology. In past projects, we worked on the role of the bio-metal zinc as an environmental factor implicated in Alzheimer’s Disease and used the insights gained from our model systems for the development of innovative drug-delivery systems.
Our latest chapter, just published in the Elsevier book "Protein Homeostasis Diseases", discusses how zinc binding to amyloid β and tau influences aggregation and therapeutic opportunities.

Also, in another chapter, just published in the Elsevier book "Advances and Avenues in the Development of Novel Carriers for Bioactives and Biological Agents", discusses how novel nano carriers may open new therapeutic opportunities.

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