Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Autism Special Interest Group @ UL

The Autism Special Interest Group at the University of Limerick (Autism@UL SIG) is an interdisciplinary group of people with a focus on autism: researchers, therapists, family members, as well as representatives of autism family organisations in and around Limerick. Within UL the group includes senior Principal Investigators, early career researchers and PhD students from across the University’s faculties and institutions including the Bernal Institute, CSIS, Education, Health Research Institute, the School of Allied Health, KBS and PESS.

The Mission of the group:

-           Develop a collaborative multidisciplinary network of research active academics focused on advancing the vision of Autism@UL SIG,

-           Creating a UL autism-friendly campus and a UL autism-friendly work environment;

-           Organizing and campaigning for autism-related events and initiatives;

-           Attract National and International funds as well as activate international collaborations to research autism;
 -          Foster highly trained PhD graduates.

You can find more information here


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