Thursday, May 2, 2019

Transition Programme in Biological Sciences in UL

The Transition Year Programme ran for week from 29th April to the 3rd May in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. As part of the programme, Transition Year students got the opportunity to experience multiple aspects of the Faculty including workshops in Magnets, Anodising AL, a visit to Johnson and Johnson and career talks in relation to Physics, Chemistry and Biology. As part of their time spent in the Department of Biological Sciences, the students got the opportunity to take part in Molecular Biology experiments including PCR and Gel Electrophoresis. They were all horrified by the numbers of bacteria present on their phones, light switches, door handles and even their hands as part of the Microbiology techniques section. They also analysed and identified multiple specimens from a seashore habitat (Kilkee, Co.Clare), and took part in their own health analysis including a BMI check using a Body Composition Analyser, as well as measuring their Blood Pressure and Pulse Rates. Baby Shark really got the students’ pulses racing! 

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