Sunday, October 14, 2018

St Munchins boys and BTYoung Scientist

St Munchins Gentlemen with their Spirited Teacher, Bairbre

Library = Power (since the Alexandrian Library)

Some beautiful smiles!

About a year ago, three St Munchins boys with a Spirited Teacher have asked my help on their project on Diet, Exercise and Obesity.
Last Fri, the 3 Project Leaders came to UL with their Teacher and about 20 TY St Munchins students.

We talked about Studies, Jobs, UL Academic UG programmes and we had some serious Fun in the Lab! And then, we walked around UL and we had a great tour at our Library!

Best of Luck with your Project - Rory, Darragh and Nathaniel!

Ioannis Zabetakis
Head, Biological Sciences

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